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The main products include: Point Light Source, LED Transparent Film Screen, LED Holographic Screen, LED Grid Screen, LED Glass Screen, and LED Crystal Film Screen. Before opening up the foreign trade market, we mainly supplied products to our peers, with highly unique products, strong production and supply capabilities, technology research and development, and a 10,000-square-meter independent production workshop.

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Shenzhen Yinhan Technology Co., Ltd. has established six offices across the country, including Beijing, Wuhan, Xi'an, Hangzhou, Chengdu, and Chongqing. It has also set up overseas business departments in international markets. The company is dedicated to the research and development, production, sales, and service of urban landscape display systems. With outstanding quality, cutting-edge technology, and exceptional service, it has earned accolades from prestigious events such as the Hangzhou G20 Summit, 2017 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, Moscow University Theater, Qingdao Summit, Guangzhou Fortune Forum, Wuhan Military Games, Taiyuan Second Youth Games, Zhengzhou Ethnic Minority Games, Shenzhen Special Economic Zone 40th Anniversary Celebration, Jinan City Lighting Improvement, 100th Anniversary Celebration of the Founding of the Party, and numerous other major landscape events. This commitment has garnered favor among customers, establishing a stellar reputation in the industry and positioning the company as an industry leader.

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Focused on urban landscape lighting for a solid 18 years, we boast a robust factory.

With our five-story standalone factory and over 300 skilled employees, complemented by a dedicated team of 30 in research and development, we seamlessly navigate nationwide major events and architectural ventures. This robust infrastructure fuels our commitment to innovation, ensuring exceptional service and product excellence for our diverse clientele. Our forte lies in the production of diverse LED transparent screens, propelling us into foreign trade markets to seek global collaborations. Our focus on cutting-edge technology fuels our exploration of new frontiers in international partnerships. Committed to nurturing global ties, we deliver superior products and tailor-made solutions to meet the needs of our international clients.

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