Introduction: The P6.5 pixel LED transparent display is not just for illumination but a creator of iconic spaces. With high definition and transparent technology, it injects a novel symbol into your architecture, showcasing unique character. If you aspire to give your project a landmark presence, contact us now, and let's together craft a striking architectural masterpiece!

Project Features:

  1. Customized Sizes: Offering diverse size options to meet the unique needs of landmark architecture.

  2. Instant Contact: Seeking innovative architectural art? Contact us immediately for professional advice.

  3. Transparent Technology Leadership: Creating transparency, making buildings more eye-catching, becoming urban landmarks.

  4. High Definition Display: Providing ultra-high-definition quality, ensuring clear and vivid content display.

Applicable Scenarios:

  1. Commercial Displays: Creating a unique symbol for malls, corporate headquarters, leading the way in commercial trends.

  2. Urban Landmark Buildings: Transforming buildings into landmarks, attracting attention, highlighting urban character.

  3. Cultural Event Squares: Applying to cultural event squares, creating a remarkable cultural and artistic center.

  4. Tourist Destinations: Becoming a landmark for tourist destinations, attracting the gaze of visitors.

Contact us now to collaborate in crafting a visually striking architectural art and becoming a city landmark!