Transparent screens break the mold of traditional displays. With high transparency, energy saving, and ultra-thin features, they are widely used in building facades, commercial windows, stage performances, and more, ushering in a new era of visual experience.

Product Types:

  • Transparent LED screens: Use LED beads as display units, featuring high brightness, high contrast ratio, and long lifespan.
  • Transparent OLED screens: Use OLED materials as display units, featuring ultra-thin, bendable, and high color gamut characteristics.
  • Transparent LCD screens: Use liquid crystal materials as display units, featuring low power consumption and wide viewing angle.
  • Transparent peelable display screens: A new type of transparent display screen that can be applied to any surface like a sticker.
  • Transparent TY screens: A transparent display screen developed by Japanese company TY. It uses a unique printing technology to print display units on a transparent substrate.

Application Scenarios:

  • Building facades: Create intelligent and aesthetically pleasing building exteriors, enhancing the urban landscape.
  • Commercial windows: Attract customer attention, enhance brand image and marketing effects for stores.
  • Stage performances: Create a dreamlike stage atmosphere, bringing震撼的视觉体验to the audience.
  • Exhibition displays: Vividly display product information, enhance exhibition interactivity and appeal.
  • Interior decoration: Create personalized space atmosphere, add时尚科技感.
  • Transportation: Applied to windows, bus stops, etc., to provide information display and interactive experience.
  • Medical devices: Applied in operating rooms, ICUs, etc., to provide medical information display.
  • Consumer electronics: Applied to mobile phones, tablets, etc., to create more炫酷的显示效果.

Product Advantages:

  • High transparency: Transparent visual effect, perfectly integrated into architecture and environment, bringing a light and灵动观感体验.
  • Energy saving and environmental protection: Low power consumption, good heat dissipation, more energy saving and environmental protection than traditional display screens.
  • Ultra-light and thin: Lightweight design, easy to install and maintain, suitable for various scenarios.
  • Flexible and versatile: Customizable size and shape to meet different application needs,展现创意无限可能.
  • Easy to install: Modular design, simple and quick installation, low maintenance cost.
  • Ultra-long life: Long service life, can be used for many years, reducing use cost.

Technical Features:

  • High transparency: Use high-transparent materials and technology, the light transmittance can reach 70%-95%.
  • High brightness: Clear content display even under strong light.
  • **High contrast ratio:**分明画面层次,细节清晰可见.
  • Wide viewing angle: Clear画面from different angles.
  • High color gamut: Accurate color reproduction,画面更加生动逼真.
  • Touch screen: Support touch operation,实现人机交互.

Future Development:

With the continuous advancement of technology and the reduction of cost, transparent screens will be applied in more fields, bringing people a more intelligent, convenient, and beautiful多元化体验.

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