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Nestled in the dynamic hub of Shenzhen, China, our factory proudly contributes to the enchanting Ganzhou landscape. Through cutting-edge point light technology, witness the Ganzhou Bridge project, a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation and quality.

Key Features of Our Point Light Solutions:

  1. Integrated Snap, Anti-Pill Design: Our point light solutions boast an integrated snap, ensuring a secure, anti-pill design, enhancing outdoor durability and safeguarding against lightning and static electricity.

  2. Fully Encapsulated, IP67 Waterproof and Dustproof: Prioritizing longevity, our point lights are fully encapsulated with imported hot glue, achieving an impressive IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating. Ideal for enduring outdoor installations.

  3. Flame-Retardant, UV-Resistant, Versatile Installation: Committed to safety, our lights feature flame-retardant, UV-resistant properties. Versatility extends to various installation methods, seamlessly integrating into diverse architectural designs.

  4. Professional Optical Design, Glare Reduction: Signature professional optical design minimizes glare, ensuring captivating illumination without discomfort or visual disturbance.

  5. Die-Cast Aluminum Structure, Optimal Heat Dissipation: The robust die-cast aluminum structure enhances durability and contributes to exceptional heat dissipation performance, ensuring longevity in challenging environmental conditions.

  6. Partial Light Distribution, Expansive Luminous Angle: Unique partial light distribution design significantly expands the luminous angle, maximizing coverage and impact on the illuminated Ganzhou Bridge.

In Conclusion: Shenzhen's point light solutions redefine technology and design in the Ganzhou Bridge Illumination Project. As the bridge awakens with vibrant, energy-efficient lighting, our commitment to quality and innovation shines brightly in Ganzhou's heart. Experience brilliance like never before.

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