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The outdoor P20 Grille Screen at Xi'an's Qujiang Han Kiln Heritage Park has brought exceptional characteristics and outstanding performance, adding a dazzling allure to the park. This LED screen showcases its notable features, creating a visual spectacle for the park visitors.

The P20 outdoor Grille Screen is renowned for its remarkable high brightness and color reproduction capability. Its outstanding visual effects in outdoor environments are truly impressive. At Qujiang Han Kiln Heritage Park, the P20 screen offers a more engaging visual experience for landscape designs, cultural displays, and information dissemination.

The P20 Grille Screen is favored for its stability and reliability. Its excellent waterproofing, resistance to weathering, and adaptability to harsh weather conditions make it highly versatile in outdoor environments. In Qujiang Han Kiln Heritage Park, it demonstrates the ability to maintain stable performance under various weather conditions.

Furthermore, the high definition and modular design of the outdoor P20 Grille Screen are standout features. Its high-definition display and modular design make it easier for installation, maintenance, and updates. Its modular design allows for customization according to different scenarios and requirements, presenting a diverse range of display effects.

Overall, the outdoor P20 Grille Screen showcased at Xi'an's Qujiang Han Kiln Heritage Park highlights its exceptional characteristics in outdoor displays. Its high brightness, stability, and high definition offer a new visual experience, creating unique charm for the park.

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